Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands,

New Efteling attraction Symbolica comes to life

Only two weeks to go until the opening of the Palace of Fantasy

In two weeks time, Efteling opens its newest attraction, Symbolica: Palace of Fantasy. The palace is being built in honour of the 65th jubilee of the theme park and will open its doors to the public on Saturday 1 July. During the final phase of the project, we can see how the final touches are being added, and how Symbolica is slowly being brought to life: https://youtu.be/0pLZqVySwRc.

In the penultimate episode of the Making Of Symbolica, Pim van der Ven, Project leader, explains to us how everything comes together in the final phase of the project. "In order to combine everything for each scene, sound, light and the show itself are now being programmed. The basis for this is the ride system, the show is fine-tuned around it. We are now dotting the last i's."

An interview with Bill Butler, Creative Director of Garner Holt Productions, can also be seen during this episode. Garner Holt produces, among other things, animatronics (technologically animated puppets) for theme parks. “After we had created the Mine Baron for dive coaster Baron 1898, Efteling had another request for us. This time it was to animate characters for the world of the Symbolica dark ride. We have attempted to give the various puppets a genuine character by making their movements as true to life as possible. In that respect, an animatronic is much more than just a puppet or robot, it mainly concerns aesthetics."

Symbolica: Palace of Fantasy
In two weeks time visitors to Efteling will be welcomed into the new covered family attraction Symbolica, an enchanting palace in which nothing is what it seems. Everyone is invited for an audience with the king and Magic Jester Pardoes will ensure that each visit is surprising and enchanting. Visitors will be led through secret corridors and royal rooms while continuously being amazed.