Holiday Village Efteling Bosrijk expands adding 144 beds

Twelve new Woodland Houses to open in response to high demand for group accommodation

Efteling, the theme park in the south of Holland, will start the preparations for the construction of new group accommodation in Holiday Village Efteling Bosrijk. Twelve new Woodland Houses will be built in pairs, each accommodating 12 people and adding a total of 144 beds to the existing holiday village.

The new Woodland Houses will have the same appearance and layout as the eight existing group houses. Completion is planned for this summer and the new group accommodation can now be booked at www.efteling.com/en/overnight-stays/group-accommodation

Sustainable construction

Efteling has opted for sustainable construction and operation of the new Woodland Houses. The new accommodation is therefore prefabricated, which is more sustainable than traditional building. In the houses, heating and cooking appliances are powered by electricity and only LED lighting is used. The new accommodation in the nature-rich holiday village will also be connected to Efteling’s existing heat-cold storage (ATES) installation. Through this energy-saving climate control system, the groundwater circulates within the World of Efteling and is then pumped back into the soil.

Growth of overnight guests

More and more guests find their way to the Efteling holiday villages and hotels and appreciate the added value of a multi-day stay. In order to be able to offer more international guests an overnight stay in the future, expansion of the existing accommodation is necessary.The decision has now been made to expand the number of 12-person Woodland Houses, because the demand for group accommodation of 180 m2 is greater than the current capacity.Holiday Village Efteling Bosrijk will soon have twenty group accommodation options, each for a maximum of 12 people. In the adjacent Holiday Village Efteling Loonsche Land there are fifteen guest houses, each sleeping up to 12 people.