Efteling’s Haunted House attraction due to close after 4 September

Employees of Efteling’s theme park are preparing for a final farewell to its beloved Spookslot Haunted Castle

Until Sunday, 4 September, visitors of Efteling theme park located in the South of Holland, can still have a scary time at Efteling’s Spookslot Haunted House. On that day, the thrilling attraction with the violin and the dancing ghosts can be experienced for the last time. After that weekend, the Spookslot Haunted House will make way for a completely new thematic area with a new and creepy attraction with thematic catering, retail and entertainment. The new area is expected to open in 2024. However, until then everyone is welcome to say goodbye to the Haunted House.

On 4 September, Efteling employees and visitors will bid a final farewell to this iconic attraction, where many guests were introduced to the creepy side of Efteling. In the evening, the team of Spookslot employees will supervise the last show and then close the doors of the haunted ruins forever. The amusement park will be open until 10 p.m. on Sunday, 4 September.

Exclusive memento for Spookslot team
Djordy Wolffensperger, a long-standing employee at the Spookslot Haunted House, thought of a special memento for his colleagues. “I wanted to create something tangible for our whole team. This exclusive, personal memento represents all the memories we have of the Spookslot Haunted House. We are very sad to have to say goodbye to our special workplace, where we have worked with great pleasure and passion day in and day out for many years. But of course, we are looking forward to the new attraction. I can't wait until we once again can welcome visitors in the new sinister area.”

Spookslot immortalised
Of course, Efteling will not say goodbye without showing its gratitude to the Haunted House which served for 44 years. Later this summer, a special Haunted House pin and a beautiful photo book will be available in the Efteling shops. In addition, the Spookslot will be digitally immortalised so that the spooky attraction can still be experienced after 4 September. The virtual reality video will allow everyone to continuously experience the story and relive the show where balustrades move and tombstones dance to the familiar music by Saint-Saëns. Every single detail of the attraction is recorded and can be explored with or without a virtual reality headset. Furthermore, a walk-through video will be released in which the viewer is taken through the whole attraction while walking, including a beautiful registration of the show. Both videos will be published on the Efteling YouTube channel later this summer.

Ghost Night

During the night of 3 to 4 September, between midnight and 6am, a unique Ghost Night will take place during which 360 lucky winners will have a chance to visit the Spookslot Haunted House with five friends or family members for the final time. The winners will be notified via email, by Friday 26 August and will receive six tickets, as well as a non-transferable 15-minute visitation time slot. Visits will last approximately thirty minutes. More information and entry into the competition can be found at efteling.com/ghost-night