Efteling’s Bobsleigh run the Bob makes its very last ride

Visitors and employees say goodbye to the attraction for good

After more than 34 years and 6.5 million kilometres, the Bob – Efteling’s bobsleigh - today ran its final lap. Six employees had the honour of taking the very last ride after closing time at the theme park. “These employees have always worked at the Bob with great pleasure and effort. As part of Bob’s permanent team, they have wonderful memories of the attraction and therefore were chosen to take this final ride,”explains Park Director Coen Bertens. After the ride, the employees were warmly welcomed by Jürgen Freilich, chairman of Efteling’s Bobsleigh Association de Steenbok, with visitors present. It was a special moment because this goodbye to the Bobsleigh track is forever.

First roller coaster experience
On April 4, 1985 the Bob opened as the fourth exhilarating attraction at Efteling, after the loop roller coaster Python, the Halve Maen swinging ship and the Piraña river rapids ride. With a slope of 524 metres long, a top height of 19.5 metres and a maximum speed of 60 km per hour, the Bob was a real thrill ride at the time. Many young visitors had their first big roller coaster experience on the Bob.

Max & Moritz
The construction work for the successor to the Bob, family roller coaster Max & Moritz, will start on 2 September. This attraction is based on the German story from 1865 about the naughty boys Max and Moritz. It will be a double roller coaster for the whole family (children with a height of 1 metre).
The new attraction will open in the spring of 2020.