Efteling welcomes spring 2018 with a number of exciting developments

Spring in Efteling – the fairytale theme park in the south of Holland – marks the beginning of a new season with reopened rides, daily outdoor live shows and colourful spring flowers.

From March 2018, the park, which is open all year round, will shed its winter coat and celebrate the reappearance of the sun with the reopening of flagship rides such as Python and Piraña, while the park is coated in thousands of colourful flowers and spring greens giving it a fresh summery look. In Symbolica, the Palace of Fantasy, which opened in summer 2017, all visitors can be granted an audience with King Pardulfus in style.

Highlights of the 2018 spring season in Efteling include:

The reopening of Python
On 31 March 2018, visitors will once again be able to relive their childhood memories with the reopening of Python – Efteling’s iconic roller coaster built in 1981 –after undergoing three months of maintenance. During its closure, the course was broken down and then rebuilt. The experience will remain the same, reflecting the double corkscrew, the helix and all the loops in the new design.

Reopening of water rides
The return of the warm weather means that visitors can once again risk getting wet on the park’s exciting water rides, which close during Winter Efteling. These include the Piraña river rapids – a 350 metre long wild water river ride, and the De Vliegende Hollander (The Flying Dutchman) – a spectacular water coaster that starts as an indoor roller coaster before plunging into a lake in the centre of the park.

Outdoor entertainment
In spring, visitors will also be able to enjoy the diversity of outdoor entertainment available in the park, including Raveleijn – an open air show featuring stunt riders, ravens and a fire breathing dragon. Kids love to sing along with little red Riding Hood at the Fairytale Tree show in the Fairytale Forest, and meeting Pardoes, or Princess Pardjin who stroll through the park daily.

Renovations at the Efteling Hotel
The Hansel and Gretel suite located in the Efteling Hotel has recently been renovated with a fresh look. The five-person suite, which is reminiscent of the gingerbread house in the fairytale, features coloured windows, two double beds and a single bed, and is also home to the infamous witch and her cat. A one night stay in the room is priced from €545.50.