Efteling reveals details of themed area around upcoming new attraction Danse Macabre

Entire queue will be accessible to visitors with disabilities

The creepy Huyverwoud Forest, the themed area around the new Efteling attraction Danse Macabre, is taking shape. At the construction site, the first signs of the completely new themed area are becoming visible. A sketch by designer Jeroen Verheij and a video of the construction site reveal what guests will soon experience, from catering and retail to the 20-metre-high creepy attraction Danse Macabre. The attraction's 'waiting route', an experience-packed queue, will also be able to be experienced by anyone, regardless of disabilities. This themed area around Danse Macabre will form the creepiest part of Efteling from 2024.











Accessibility was a major consideration in the development of Danse Macabre. “It was known from the beginning that the type of attraction Danse Macabre would be a challenge in terms of accessibility because of the large turntable,” says Koen Sanders, Director of Product, Marketing & Image. “A lot of thought has therefore gone into the complete attraction experience, from entering the themed area to exiting the attraction. We want Efteling to be a place for everyone, where everyone feels welcome. That's why we worked with experience experts and were advised by different partners with expertise on a particular disability.” Visitors with disabilities can experience Danse Macabre together with their group as much as possible. Depending on the visitor's needs and type of disability, the attraction may or may not be fully accessible. A very appropriate alternative is available, where all the senses are stimulated by sound, wind and light effects, so that people can share their experience after visiting the attraction.

The creepy Huyverwoud Forest themed area

From 2024, Efteling visitors in the Huyverwoud will be immersed in a spooky world. They will enter the themed area through an abandoned and derelict abbey square. There, they will find such things as the dimly lit catering establishments In den Swarte Kat and 't Koetshuys, and restroom facilities. The Charlatan family and their extraordinary barrel organ Esmeralda provide mysterious entertainment. Through an ominous-looking gateway visitors aged eight and above enter the 'waiting route'. This experience-packed queue leads them through the kruysgang, a grim graveyard and a creepy forest to the entrance of Danse Macabre. A haunted spectacle full of dark twists and turns awaits them there.

Danse Macabre

Efteling attraction Danse Macabre will soon allow visitors to dance to the piece of music of the same name. On a large, 18-metre-diameter turntable with six smaller turntables on top, there will be six choir stools in which a total of 108 visitors can be seated. The large turntable will rise, tilt and fall, spinning like a coin before ending up flat. Danse Macabre's spectacular ride system is unique in the world and will make its debut at the Efteling in 2024.