Efteling opens new ride, Max & Moritz, on Saturday 20 June

New family roller coaster offers exciting rides through an Alpine landscape

On Saturday 20 June, Efteling – the fairytale theme park in the south of Holland – opens its new attraction Max & Moritz to the public. The ride is geared towards children aged between 4 and 10 years old, from 1 metre in height, but is also suitable for the whole family. This so called 'powered' coaster adds another adventure to Efteling’s varied attraction offering.

Efteling’s CEO Fons Jurgens says: "After saying goodbye to the iconic Bobsleigh ride last year, young visitors to Max & Moritz will be able to share their first roller coaster experience with the whole family from tomorrow. It is a very contemporary and real Efteling ride, based on the German poem about the rascals Max and Moritz. During the ride and in the surrounding area, visitors will find out about Max and Moritz’ tricks and mischief".

The whole area has been redesigned and themed in less than a year. From Saturday, the new catering establishment at the Max & Moritz Square 'Frau Boltes Küche' will also open, serving French fries, snacks and chicken bites.

Double powered coaster
Max & Moritz is a double roller coaster with two tracks on which two trains ride in opposite directions and meet each other a couple of times. This powered coaster is a new type of ride for Efteling. The trains are electrically powered, so the speed can vary and gravity does not play a role. Visitors get to choose which track to ride: Max (blue) or Moritz (green). Each track has its own exciting experience with sharp curves and accelerations.

The new roller coaster is themed on the well-known German poem by Wilhelm Busch from 1865, Max und Moritz, about two naughty schoolboys of the same name. In Efteling, they live in a cute village with their mother Frau Schmetterling, who makes special cuckoo clocks. Her sons drive the villagers to despair with their tricks. When Frau Schmetterling locks up Max and Moritz for punishment in her cuckoo clock workshop, they try to escape with self-built soap boxes.

Efteling visitors escape with them!