CARO launches with a spectacular and moving show

New Efteling theatre production created to focus on international visitors

15 September 2018: Efteling´s 16th theatre production, which had its Opening Night this evening at the Efteling Theatre in Kaatsheuvel, is different to all previous shows at Efteling.

CARO is jam-packed with acrobatics, special effects, song and dance but almost entirely without spoken word in order to appeal to an international audience. The standing ovation at the end was proof that the theatre-goers had identified themselves with the story and had, for a while, let themselves be carried along in the 'merry-go-round of life'. Marcel Visscher and Talita Angwarmasse sang their hearts out in their roles as Mister and Madam Time.

CARO is inspired by the Efteling attraction steam carousel – Stoomcarrousel – which is reflected in the performance with, among other things, the rotating stage and the theme music.

Director Stanley Burleson was delighted with the audience reaction: "It's always nerve racking, particularly as this production is nothing like the previous Efteling fairytale musicals. Familiar moments from everyone's lives have an impact on the guests in the auditorium, even though a complete story is not told, because on stage we mainly speak a visual language of dance and acrobatics."

CARO is in line with Efteling's ambition to develop from a theme park to an international short-break destination. “Producing a theatre show in which speech and language are subordinate was a real challenge. Fortunately, the music composed especially for CARO by René Merkelbach creates a storyline that is easy to relate to and understand”, says Olaf Vugts, Creative Director.