40 years old
Is afraid of
Nobody. Maybe the Witch a bit sometimes...
Lives in
The bushes of the Fairytale Forest
Likes to eat
Little Red Riding Hood and baby goats!
Vegetables. Yuck, I don’t like the taste!
Is really good at
Everything, I am very clever and intelligent
Favourite place in Efteling
The forest path where Little Red Riding Hood looks for flowers
Likes to spend time with
Witch, we think up crafty plans together

I'm super smart and know everything!
I love everything that is nice and tender. Including... Little Red Riding Hood and baby goats! At first, I'm always sweet and kind. When they trust me, I turn on them. That’s how crafty and clever my tricks are! It’s just too bad that Little Red Riding Hood and the goats are always on to me. Mmmm, I'm hungry! Little Red snack, where are you? I could eat you up!

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