55 years old, really, it’s true!
Is afraid of
When someone uses magic to steal my magic flute, then plays it themselves the galoot
Lives in
My gorgeous palace: a beautiful paradise
Likes to eat
A tasty Asian meal gets me going for real
Sentences that don't rhyme and people who dribble all the time
Is really good at
A solution to a disaster can be found. Just stamp your foot three times on the ground
Favourite place in Efteling
Among my tulips for instance. I look after these without assistance!
Likes to spend time with
Stamp your feet three times everyone, and having problems isn't fun

To be a Fakir, is the best my dear!
I fly on my carpet all the time, because riding horses is not fine! In my magnificent palace tulips I grow, and I tend them until they blossom and glow. I have a magic flute, and it gives me a little bit of magic power to boot. If you need me, stamp your foot three times over, so then I can help you till its over.

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