Tom Thumb
12 years old
Is afraid of
That gi-gan-tic Giant!
Lives in
The Fairytale Forest
Likes to eat
Crumbs is how I always find my way back!
Being small. That's dumb!
Is really good at
Running from the Giant
Favourite place in Efteling
Near Little Red Riding Hood
Likes to spend time with
Little Red Riding Hood! I'm a little in love with her...

Later when I'm older!
I stole the Giant’s boots when he was asleep. Now me and my brothers can take huge strides through the Fairytale Forest. The Seven-League Boots make me even faster than the Giant. He’ll never catch me! Did you know that I'm in love with Little Red Riding Hood? But she thinks I’m too little. My dearest wish is to be gi-gan-tically big. Then Little Red Riding Hood might like me more.

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