Gnome Kie
141 years old
Is afraid of
Burnt pans
Lives in
The Gnome Village
Likes to eat
Gnome candy
Onions, because they always make me cry
Is really good at
Preparing and eating tasty food
Favourite place in Efteling
At my cooking pot
Likes to spend time with
Ko, Ku, Ka, Ke, Keu and Kei

I'm the gnome chef!
I like to stir in pots and kettles. Then my whole house smells like food. Mmmm...delicious! I like to eat everything. Brussels sprouts pie, gnome Flemish fries, you name it. You’ll find all sorts of tasty ingredients in the Fairytale Forest, especially in Ka’s vegetable garden. You can make nettle tea. Or mushroom soup! Mmmmm…

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