30 years old
Is afraid of
The Witch has bewitched me!
Lives in
The Fairytale Forest, right in front of the Inn
Likes to eat
A table be laid! Eee-haaw!
Bewitched and stuck on my pedestal
Is really good at
Pooping gold coins
Favourite place in Efteling
I don’t know. I'm stuck on a dumb pedestal!
Likes to spend time with
Anyone who listens to me!

I know everything!
If you call out “Donkey, lift your tail”, I'll poop gold coins! Only Fakir knows my secret. If I could choose, I would rather be a normal donkey. Then I could run around in the Fairytale Forest! But the Witch has enchanted me. That's why I'm stuck on my pedestal. Luckily, the inhabitants of the Fairytale Forest like to come by for a chat. I know all the gossip, really I do!

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