Goat Benjamin
I'm 6 years old. My brothers and sisters are 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 years old
Is afraid of
The Wolf
Lives in
Our Goats House in the Fairytale Forest
Likes to eat
A large piece of carrot cake
Being alone when mum does the shopping
Is really good at
Playing hide and seek, I know the best hiding places
Favourite place in Efteling
Outside in the garden behind our house
Likes to spend time with
My brothers and sisters and being with mummy goat!

The smallest goat? That's me!
I have three older brothers and three older sisters. I am the youngest and altogether there are seven of us baby goats! I like to play hide and seek. I hide in the big clock so nobody can see me. We live with mummy goat in the Fairytale Forest. Mummy often goes shopping. Then we are alone. I don’t like that at all. Sometimes I find it scary! The Wolf wants to eat us, so we always keep a good look out!

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