Little Red Riding Hood
14 years old
Is afraid of
The Wolf and the Witch
Lives in
The Fairytale Forest
Likes to eat
Cookies. Yummy!
The Wolf. He’s a meanie and always follows me
Is really good at
Singing and picking flowers
Favourite place in Efteling
Grandma's house
Likes to spend time with
Grandma and Tom Thumb

Hey Little Red Riding Hood, where are you going?
I’m taking cookies to grandma in the forest... in the forest! But first I'm going to pick a few flowers. Mum forbids me to stray off the path... But I’m sure grandma will really love the flowers! I must be careful that the Wolf doesn’t see me. He's mean and is always trying to catch me. But then grandma won’t get her cookies on time!

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