Fairytale Tree
Hundreds of years old
Is afraid of
Nobody. I've seen so much happen!
Lives in
The Fairytale Forest
Likes to eat
A salad of oak leaves
Unrest in the Fairytale Forest
Is really good at
Giving good advice to the inhabitants of the Fairytale Forest
Favourite place in Efteling
The place where my roots are in the ground
Likes to spend time with
Nice children who listen to my stories

Do you want to listen to my stories?
In the Fairytale Forest, we usually live happily ever after, but there was once a time when things were different... The Fairytale Forest inhabitants have exciting adventures every day. In my usual place in the Fairytale Forest, I quietly watch and see everything that happens. I'd love to tell you about it. Are you going to come visit me soon? There was once... but that, dear children, is another story.

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