Gnome Ke
121 years old
Is afraid of
Dirty fellows
Lives in
My toadstool house in the Fairytale Forest
Likes to eat
Everything except shortbread!
Mopping with the tap open
Is really good at
Cleaning gnome homes
Favourite place in Efteling
Cinderella's Castle, that’s where it’s clean
Likes to spend time with
Ko, Ku, Ka, Kie, Keu and Kei

I'm the cleanest gnome!
I've cleaned my whole life, but that’s not a bother at all! I don’t like gnomes who leave their pointy hats lying around. Or who walk all over my nicely scrubbed floor with their muddy gnome shoes. Then I have to keep on cleaning! Sometimes I just want to drink some gnome tea and rest from all that cleaning.

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