15 Quint Years
Is afraid of
Black magic
Lives in
The Planetarium
Likes to eat
Godmother's fairytale blueberry pie
Stories without a happy ending
Is really good at
Learn magic spells by heart
Favourite place in Efteling
The rain forests and Aliciana's cosy cottage
Likes to spend time with
Pardijn, Polle, Aliciana and Grandmaster Almar

I want to be a Grandmaster!
To become a good Grandmaster, I have to study hard. I know lots and lots of recipes off by heart. But I know magic spells and codes of honour, too. I can conjure up magical light with my Twinkle Torch. Aliciana and Grandmaster Almar have taught me many things. But I still hope I can get many more Quint years of knowledge!

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