Great master Almar
Lots and lots of Quint Years
Is afraid of
Lives in
My Observatory
Likes to eat
Aliciana's Fairytale blueberry pie
Symbolicans who are quick to judge
Is really good at
Advising the king
Favourite place in Efteling
There are so many beautiful places in the universe...
Likes to spend time with
Young Symbolicans who want to learn

I am the wisest master in Symbolica
Of all the masters in Symbolica, I have the most knowledge. That's why I'm the Grandmaster. I advise the king as his counsellor. I used to travel a lot. Now I keep myself occupied with advanced astronomy from my Observatory. I like discovering unknown areas in the universe with my Grand Chronoscope. I teach at the School of Magic, too! Believe me: you're never too old to learn!

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