Efteling Digital Voucher

Efteling Digital Voucher with expiry date SGR Guarantee

Since March 2020, the travel world has been practically at a standstill; Efteling has also had to cancel many stays due to the Covid-19 crisis and you were unable to come and spend a fairytale night. In cooperation with the Dutch organisations ANVR and SGR, the 'Travel Voucher with SGR Guarantee' was developed, which we call the 'Efteling Digital Voucher'.

The very first opportunity for bookings in 2022!
First of all, we would like to thank you for accepting this voucher. Despite the fact that the coronavirus still has the world in its grip, it is time to exchange this 'Efteling Digital Voucher'. We would like to give you the chance to be the fist to book all the possibilities in 2022. Especially the popular weekends and holidays will soon be gone, so don't wait too long to book!

Have you received an 'Efteling Digital Voucher with SGR Guarantee' and have you not yet used it to book a new holiday and is the issue date now almost a year ago?
Within 12 months after issuing this 'Efteling Digital Voucher with SGR Guarantee', we, the Efteling from whom you received this voucher, will contact you before the expiry date.

We can then offer you the following choices:

1. either you book a new stay with us using your voucher (with a departure date later in the year or 2022).
2. or you keep the voucher as previously offered until 1 July 2021 and book a new stay with us before this date.
3. or you receive your voucher value back in cash.

Would you like to book a new stay at Efteling Hotels & Resorts?
As stated above, we offer you the possibility to book a new stay for 2022 (with priority). The final arrival date of 1 October 2021 will therefore no longer apply. Tip: please already think about three other dates, so you can discuss these with our staff member.

Would you like to receive the value of your outstanding 'Efteling Digital Voucher with SGR Guarantee' in return?
If you let our staff member know that you want to receive the value of your voucher 'in cash', Efteling will refund the full outstanding amount of your voucher. For this, we need your bank details. These are no longer known to us.

The following modified conditions apply:

  • Once the booking has been made, the right to use the voucher expires and it is no longer possible to request a refund afterwards.
  • The voucher has been issued to change bookings with an original arrival date between 16 March and 19 May 2020.
  • The new booking is subject to the price available at the time of making the new booking. If the new reservation value is lower, you will receive the remaining amount on an Efteling gift card. If the reservation value is higher, the remaining amount can be paid via the usual payment methods.
  • After making the new reservation with this voucher, it is not possible to cancel the reservation. It is possible to change the new reservation once (no later than 4 weeks before arrival).
  • The voucher is not transferable.

We will contact you soon!
We would like to check with you which of the 3 options you would like to use. All our guests will be contacted in order of original arrival date, but no later than 8 April 2021. You don't have to call us yourself.