A temporary Efteling fairytale

Efteling Wonderland

The mad birthday tea party

Between April and October, something special is happening on the Speelweide playing field at Efteling. By going through a rabbit hole you enter Efteling Wonderland. You will find a large party table with chairs where you can take a seat. You may even sit on the seven special seats reserved for Efteling inhabitants! There are teapots, cups, cakes and party hats, and you can meet the Mad Hatter or the March Hare. They add the finishing touch to the mad birthday tea party in their own unique way.

Celebrate 70 years of Efteling with us

Efteling is turning 70 and we would like to celebrate that with you. It's a whole year of celebrations, including the mad birthday tea party and a special anniversary song. Book your visit to Efteling now and come and celebrate with us! Discover 70 years of Efteling >

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