The six Swans on the water in Efteling

Completion of 30th fairy tale is coming closer

This afternoon the first swan of the new fairy tale scene The Six Swans landed at Efteling, the theme park in the south of Holland. Later today the other five will also take their place in the castle moat in the Fairytale Forest. The new 30th fairy tale is open to the public from 28 September. Visitors will soon be able to choose to ride on the back of one of the six swans, or to enter the castle on foot. It is the first time that visitors can experience a fairy tale in two ways in Efteling’s Fairytale Forest.

Subtle differences
Water will soon miraculously fill the moat and flow into the castle.The pond - with a diameter of 12.5 metres - turns into a moat, where the swans will soon be swimming in 75,000 litres of water. These swans personify the six enchanted brothers in the story.If you look closely you will see that the swans differ from each other with subtle details.Visitors reach the Six Swans castle via a route through the Fairytale Forest that passes between the scenes of Snow White and Cinderella on Herauten Plein.

The Six Swans Fairytale
In The Six Swans fairytale, six princes are turned into swans by their jealous stepmother.To break the spell and turn her brothers back into humans, their little sister has to carry out animpossible task of sewing six shirts created from asters whilst not speaking or laughing for six years. As is fitting in fairytales, the story of ‘The Six Swans’ ends well and they all live happily ever after.