Relaxation of measures at Efteling as of 18 February

On 15 February, the Dutch government announced a number of relaxations on Covid measures. For Efteling, this means the following: 

Relaxations as of 18 February 

Efteling Park 

  • Guests will continue to require showing a Covid pass at the entrance 
  • The 1.5 metre distance rule and the obligation to wear a mask will no longer apply  
  • The capacity of our attractions will therefore be fully utilised again 
  • Our catering locations will return to full capacity. 
  • Guests with a ticket for the park still need to make a reservation. 

Efteling Theatre 

  • The full capacity of the theatre will be used again.  
  •  Guests must wear a mask while walking around the theatre, however don’t have to wear it sitting in the auditorium or designated seating areas. 

Hotels & Resorts 

  • The hotel and resort catering industry remains subject to conducting Covid pass checks  
  • However, the hotel and catering establishments may remain open until 01:00 hours. This means that we can once again stick to the regular opening hours.  
  • The full capacity of the catering establishments will be used again and reservations are no longer obligatory, although they are recommended.  
  • The Badhuys pool will return to full capaicty with the requirement to show a Covid pass.  

Relaxations from 25 February 

  • The requirement to show a Covid pass throughout the entire world of the Efteling will be removed in line with national relaxation of this requirement The other requirements remain in force. 
  • At the CARO theatre show, guests no longer need to wear a mask when moving around. 

What do we think? 

  •  We are pleased that we will soon be able to offer guests a normal day at Efteling again. 
  • With these relaxations, guests can really escape from everyday life.