Popular Efteling attraction Carnaval Festival re-opens after a three-month renovation

The Carnaval Festival ride at Efteling, the fairy-tale theme park in the south of Holland, re-opens today (23 May) following a three-month renovation that has seen maintenance to its technology, theming and lighting.

The indoor ride, which is 35 years old, takes guests on a journey across the globe and passes different scenes that show celebrations by various cultures from all over the world. The ride is accompanied by earwig music composed by Dutch composers Toon Hermans and Ruud Bos.

Known as ‘the red noses show’ among Efteling fans, Carnaval Festival is a popular family-friendly dark ride, suitable for children of all ages, which transcends generations with scenes that are recognisable to all. The re-opening is anticipated among Efteling’s international visitors.

Maintenance has been carried out in order to prepare the popular ride for the next ten years and make it more sustainable. The attraction has been brought more in line with the original theme, with fresh paintwork and remodelling of around 100 of the total 275 dolls that appear in the ride’s different scenes. New sustainable measures include the installation of new LED lighting, which will save the equivalent of 160 households’ annual electricity. Efteling's total carbon footprint will decrease by 2% as a result of the new initiatives at the ride.

For more information on the ride, see: www.efteling.com/en/park/attractions/carnaval-festival