New Bäckerei Krümel opens at Efteling theme park

This morning (4 December), the first visitors were welcomed to Bäckerei Krümel, the new artisanal bakery on Max & Moritz Plein at Efteling – the fairytale theme park in the south of Holland.

As part of the official opening, the two naughty rascals – Max and Moritz - “hid” the key to the building in a cake to delay proceedings. But the baker kept his cool. When the doors could finally open, the public was invited to be the first to taste traditional oven-baked treats such as tray bakes, rolls and pizza breads. The restaurant, which seats 125 inside and 50 outside, was built sustainably and is heated without gas. With an investment of three million euros, this is the finishing touch to Max & Moritz Plein, which now almost feels like the Alpine village where the two boys, after whom the square is named, live with their mother.

Themed assortment
Bäckerei Krümel and its assortment are inspired by the Alpine landscape and the boyish tricks of Max and Moritz. Project Manager Hospitality Melvin van Brakel explains: "The building is reminiscent of a cosy German Konditorei with the nostalgic double deck oven as its shining centrepiece. Here, oven baked goods are served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With our traditional products, we respond to the wishes of our guests, who sometimes want to eat a quick bite and other times sit down for a meal. The menu includes themed Black Forest traybake, cheese rolls and Flammkuchen pizza bread. These are accompanied by coffee specials or fresh juices. Under the heading 'The Better Choice', we also offer healthier alternatives, such as wholemeal or vegetable varieties, and there are diet-friendly and vegetarian fillings. My favourite are the 'Deugnieten': soft, sweet little bread men in the shape of the naughty boys Max and Moritz."

Max and Moritz represented as bread-men in the oven
The two rascals Max and Moritz, known from a well-known 1865 German illustrated rhyming story by Wilhem Busch, live in a charming village with their mother Frau Schmetterling. They drive the villagers to despair with their boyish tricks. One evening they are caught by the baker while trying to steal biscuits from the bakery. Then their fate seems sealed. The angry baker puts them in the oven like little loaves, shaped like boys. However will this end...