Last dance for Efteling’s Spookslot Haunted House

Employees experience the very last show

The doors of Efteling’s Spookslot Haunted House closed for the very last time yesterday evening, 4 September. It was a special day for many enthusiasts, staff and visitors who were present. Most of them experienced the show one last time before the attraction closed for good, others had already said their goodbyes. At around 10 p.m., under the watchful eye of only the Spookslot employees, the ghosts danced one last time to the unforgettable music of Camille Saint-Saëns and the monks shuffled their last metres through the haunted ruins. There was an honorary role for the employees who had worked at the Haunted House with heart and soul for many years. They closed the doors for the very last time and were then allowed to experience the exciting scene once more before the attraction closed.

The creepy side of Efteling

"We are closing a beautiful attraction where many visitors have become acquainted with the creepy side of Efteling that is a unique memory that often stays with them forever", says Fons Jurgens, General Manager of Efteling. "These memories were made possible by the efforts of the employees of the Spookslot. Therefore, they were given the honour to experience the very last show exclusively in a closed environment, in order to say goodbye to their workplace. We have mixed feelings about this farewell, because it is a great pity that the Haunted House cannot be preserved. Where our attractions and fairy tales are experienced from generation to generation, the building from 1978 is in very bad shape, both inside and outside. Therefore, we have chosen for a whole new area at this location, where things will become even more exciting. We will honour the creepy side of Efteling once again.”

New themed area

After 44 years, Efteling, the fairy-tale theme park in the south of Holland, will be closing the Spookslot Haunted House to make way for a completely new themed area with a new attraction, in which the creepy theme will also be implemented in the catering, retail and entertainment. After the closure of the Haunted House, the preparatory work for the construction of the new area which is expected to open in 2024 will start.