Efteling crowns new bakery with wrought iron sign

Bäckerei Krümel signboard reveals consequence for mischief

Efteling - Bäckerei Krümel sign

This morning, a wrought-iron sign weighing over 25 kilograms and measuring 1.40 x 1.15 m was hung from the chimney of the new Bäckerei Krümel catering location at Efteling. Although the building is not yet finished, the placement of the sign represents an important moment in the construction process. Once all 20,000 slate tiles are on the roof, the scaffolding around the building will be taken down. The sign, but especially its location, reveals the consequence received by the naughty boys Max and Moritz for their boyish trick in the bakery.

One evening they are caught by the baker while trying to steal biscuits from the bakery. Then their fate seems sealed. The angry baker puts them in the oven like little loaves, shaped like boys. However will this end... At 4.70 m high in the chimney, a mini-oven has been built into which the baker, on the sign, pushes his little bread men. When the bakery opens this winter, a cheerful fire will be burning there too.

German Konditorei

The wrought-iron sign on the facade of the new catering facility, located on the square opposite the Max & Moritz family roller coaster, crowns the artisan bakery. The building is reminiscent of a cosy German Konditorei or Speiselokal. It becomes more and more characteristic with typical flower boxes, wooden shutters and thematic murals. After the summer holidays, work will start on the interior. Between the robust wooden rafters, authentic "Stuben" (traditional German/Austrian seating areas) will be created, where guests can enjoy freshly baked sweet and savoury products from the oven.

Max and Moritz

The two rascals Max and Moritz, known from a well-known 1865 German illustrated rhyming story by Wilhem Busch, live in a charming village with their mother Frau Schmetterling. They drive the villagers to despair with their boyish tricks.