Efteling celebrates 70th birthday with pop-up fairytale

First visitors celebrate mad birthday tea party

Today, Efteling opened a new, temporary, fairytale on the Speelweide.

For 26 weeks, the Mad Hatter and the March Hare, who organised the mad birthday tea party, will welcome Efteling visitors as the guests of honour to celebrate the park’s 70th birthday.

The official opening of the temporary fairytale was performed by the well known Dutch TV cook Hugo Kennis assisted by the Mad Hatter. With the cutting of the pink ribbon, Efteling Wonderland was opened for the press and visitors. The Kop family from Oss were the first visitors that had a great time amidst the tea cups, party hats and cake: "We really enjoyed being the first ones to participate. We were here yesterday too, but it wasn't opened . We are glad that we came back and took some funny photos by the giant mushrooms!" said the family.

The mad birthday tea party is inspired by the children's book ‘Alice in Wonderland’ by British author Lewis Carroll (1866). For the first time, Efteling visitors will actively participate as guests of honour in a fairytale scene. The fairytale can be experienced from 28 March to 3 October inclusive. The party takes place continuously on the Speelweide in the amusement park.

Through the rabbit hole
Visitors will venture down a rabbit hole into the March Hare’s vegetable garden, where there are activities throughout the day and cheerful music is always playing. The Mad Hatter and the March Hare invite their guests of honour to the mad tea party table, laid with teacups, cakes and party hats.

Those who pay attention will see that seven chairs are reserved for Efteling’s residents. The hosts and their guests have a jolly good time while rhyming, singing and dancing. Around the party table and in a number of wondrous scenes reminiscent of the famous children’s book, guests can take funny pictures, as well as join and leave at any time. There will be a souvenir stand and a welcoming area with snacks and drinks in the vegetable garden.