Bäckerei Krümel starts to appear at Efteling theme park

Construction of new artisanal bakery on schedule

The outline of the new catering location Bäckerei Krümel is now visible at Efteling – the fairytale theme park in the south of Holland. The artisanal bakery, which will open on the square opposite the Max & Moritz family roller coaster, is beginning to take shape. In the past weeks, the foundations have been laid, the floors have been set and the structure is now going up. The robust wooden trusses measuring 15 x 8 metres clearly outline what the bakery will look like. In the next few weeks, the walls of the building (25 x 15 metres) will be bricked up, followed by the wooden planks that will create the cosy restaurant area. The bakery is the final piece to Max & Moritz Plein, which will almost feel like an Alpine village. If the work continues on schedule, Bäckerei Krümel will open its doors this winter.

Sustainable in theme
The traditional shaped trusses, which remain visible on the inside, are made of sustainably sawn domestic Douglas wood with FSC quality mark Logs are used for the framework and planks will be used for the outside of the building. The rustic look with rough knots creates the atmosphere of an authentic German Konditorei. The walls of the bakery will be bricked up with 43,000 bricks in six weeks’ time. The roofs will be covered with 20,000 slate tiles.

Once inside the bakery shop, guests can see the fresh products on offer in the display case. The assortment consists of freshly baked products from the oven, such as tray bakes, flat bread and pizzas. Further on, delicious coffees are available, as well as fresh juices and hot and cold drinks. A glance upwards reveals the roof construction with appropriate German/Swiss decoration.

Max and Moritz represented as bread-men in the oven
The two rascals Max and Moritz, known from a well-known 1865 German illustrated rhyming story by Wilhem Busch, live in a charming village with their mother Frau Schmetterling. They drive the villagers to despair with their boyish tricks. One evening they are caught by the baker while trying to steal biscuits from the bakery. Then their fate seems sealed. The angry baker puts them in the oven like little loaves, shaped like boys. However will this end...