Lunch packages

Snacks and drinks

Have a run around in the park and take a break with the whole class during an inexpensive lunch. Discover our enchanting school packages.

Sandwich Meal Deal

From € 4.00 extra per person 

  • Two mini sandwiches filled with smoked turkey, mild cheese and chocolate sandwich
  • A bottle of water or carton of juice

French Fries Meal Deal 

From € 5.00 extra per person 

  • French fries with mayonnaise
  • Chicken nuggets
  • A bottle of water or carton of juice

French Fries 'Extra' Meal Deal

From € 6.00 extra per person

  • French fries with mayonnaise
  • Choice from 3 snacks (frikandel (minced-meat sausage), croquette or cheese croquette))
  • Bottle of soda

Food vouchers

Would you prefer your pupils to be able to choose what they want to eat or drink? Give them the special Efteling food vouchers to take along. That way you don't have to give them any money, but they can still buy their lunch or other treats on their own.

To make a reservation please send an email at, or call the Efteling Contact Centre via +31 (0)416- 537 777.

Walking paths and treasure hunts

Find out more in Efteling on a walking path or treasure hunt. This will help you to discover the most beautiful spots in the park and you'll learn a lot, too!