Fresh and Sustainable

Made fresh daily

Bet you don't know how many different delicious meals and snacks you can get in Efteling? Too many to mention! From a typical Dutch croquette that can be bought from automats in a wall to a bowl of soup brimming with vegetables. And from fresh pastas and hot toasties to fruity smoothies. Some products have a gnome sticker on them, which means they are an extra healthy choice.

Something for everyone

Whether you prefer to eat a sweet treat or would like to have a lavish lunch with rolls, a hot meal or salad: anything is possible. With more than 30 catering establishments in the park, there is always something tasty for everyone in Efteling. Including for the little ones.

Energy for a day in Efteling

The restaurants and other catering points all have one thing in common: fresh products and pure ingredients are used as much as possible. For example, our French fries are delivered fresh and chilled and are served without salt. Of course, you can add it yourself. 

Gnome logo? A healthier choice

Every night, the gnomes work with love and passion, cultivating nutritious ingredients to provide you with fresh and delicious products. You can recognise these fresh and sustainable products by the gnome logo 'full of vitamins', 'rich in fruit' and 'fresh bread'.

Be tempted

Those delicious filled bread rolls, toasties, soup, juices, main course salads and fruit salads are freshly prepared, often right in front of you. You can't get fresher products than that! Enjoy all the nutritious food we have to offer and make the most of your day in Efteling.