Reservations for Annual Pass holders

Annual Pass holders can now reserve three timeslots at once: one 'last minute' reservation plus two regular reservations for a future visit. This way you can plan two visits in the future but you can also visit last minute if the mood takes you!

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Last minute reservation

With a 'last minute' reservation you can reserve a visit for today or tomorrow.

Currenlty, it is not possible to reserve a last minute visit.

Reservation for a later date

Would you like to plan a visit in advance rather than today or tomorrow? You can now reserve a visit from 16 March up to and including 28 March 2021.

Reserve for later

What you should know:

  • You can only make one 'last minute' reservation and two reservations for a future visit. After you have visited the theme park, you can make another new reservation. 
  • The availability of time slot reservations changes regularly. Please keep a close eye on the website!