Charging stations in Efteling

Charging stations for your mobile phone

We understand that you would like to use your mobile phone during your day out at Efteling to take pictures, share messages via social media and, of course, for the Efteling app. Our Efteling app provides you with information about waiting times at the attractions, the times of the shows, restaurant opening times and more. You also have access to free WiFi at various locations in the park. To ensure you can use your smartphone the whole day, the park has six charging stations, each with twelve charging points. That's a total of 72 charging points, at which you can charge your mobile phone for free!

How it works

There are six charging stations spread throughout Efteling. Each charging station has twelve numbered safes with a key, which can only be removed when the safe is locked. Each safe has one or two charging cables. The cables are only suitable for mobile phones, both Apple and Android devices. After 45 minutes, you remove your phone from the safe and your phone's battery will be half charged. Naturally, you can also take your phone out of the safe sooner.


The charging stations can be found in five restaurants and souvenir shops spread throughout the park. This way, there is always a charging station nearby, wherever you are in the park.

  • Station de Oost restaurant (two charging stations)
  • Het Witte Paard self-service restaurant
  • Efteling Theatre
  • Panorama restaurant
  • The Efteldingen shop