Steenbok Plein

The chairman of Bobsleigh Association De Steenbok invites the whole family to the annual Jürgen Freilich Family Feast. Have a bratwurst and sing along!

Feast, sing and be amazed

On the Steenbok Plein, you can enjoy various treats this summer. From a delicious Eigenheymer crisp/chip on a stick to a Bratwurst roll and from a fresh syrup waffle to a cooling drink. We also have extra entertainment every Friday and Saturday during the Summer Festival. View the programme and be enchanted!

The programme
19:00 - 19:45
Jürgen Freilich
20:00 - 20:45
Jürgen Freilich
21:00 - 21:45
Jürgen Freilich
22:00 - 22:45
Jürgen Freilich

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 On Steenbok Plein

sing German Schlager at the annual Jürgen Freilich family party thrown near the Bob bobsleigh run.