Volk van Laaf

Do you already know these mischevious folk? They are called the Laaf People and live in the Efteling. The smallest Laafs go to school every day. The bigger Laafs bake bread or chop wood. Have you already been to the Laughter House? This house actually farts! Stroll through their village and get to know them. You can also ride up in the air on the Monorail and have a birds eye view of the Laaf world.

The village where the Laaf People live is called Laafland. You can peek inside some of the houses.

Did you know that each snail car on Monorail has its own name? Lob, Len, Lub, Laf, Lar, Lif, Lor, Lab, Lak, Lef, Lus, Les, Lijb, Lil, Log, Lol, Lur, Lel, Lis, Lijs, Lal, Lijl, Lok, Lov and Luk.