Anton Pieckplein

Anton Pieck Square

The Anton Pieck Square is one of the park’s oldest and most authentic spots.

Higher, higher

Whee, here we go! Hold on tight or do you dare to let go? You’ll feel like a bird in the sky on the whirligig. And everything looks so charming! That’s down to the good old-fashioned atmosphere of the nostalgic Anton Pieck Square. Take a stroll around and who knows? You might fancy a ride on the caterpillar. Or are you still dizzy from the whirligig?

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Voor het hele gezin  Buiten


Fairy Realm

About the attraction


  • Anton Pieck Square opened in 1954.
  • Among others, it contains a souvenir shop, puppet show, water pump and gates.
  • The square began a refurbishment programme in the summer of 2003.
  • Since then, it has experienced a true metamorphosis.
  • The square is now the welcoming heart of Efteling!

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