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Carousels Anton Pieckplein

Higher, and higher… and Wheee, off we go! Hold on tight if you don’t dare to keep your arms outstretched!
That whirligig will make you feel like a bird flying high up in the sky; and look! Everything looks so beautiful. That’s because of the quaint and old-fashioned atmosphere in the nostalgic Anton Pieck Square. Take a stroll. Who knows, you might even fancy a ride on the Caterpillar if you’re not still feeling queasy after going on the whirligig!


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The Anton Pieck Square is one of the oldest, most authentic parts of the park and was opened in 1954. In the summer of 2003 the square underwent a metamorphosis. With its souvenir shop, puppet theatre, pump and gates, the Anton Pieck Square is the heart of the Efteling!